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Urban Freeride Fabio Wibmer

Well, Fabio Wibmer is very, very fast on his bicycle. Just about the first trick in here is Fabio successfully jumping the Lyon 25 Stair we learned about earlier this week. And, uh, he does something we didn’t see in that other video because if you make it to the end of the video, you’ll see he starts from the set of stairs going down to the Lyon 25 instead of starting on the flat like everyone else. Sheesh.

I also like how he takes the corner/curb at :50 and the stairs at 3:20 and the stairs at 5:15. Sheesh.

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Inventive Trials Riding by Fabio Wibmer

You may remember my many posts about trials rider Danny MacAskill over the past decade (including Parkour On a Bicycle). Well, the new generation is coming up and in this video, Fabio Wibmer very kindly shows us around his native Austria, flipping, twisting, and flying off every conceivable obstacle. My favorite bit is either the escalator (~1:30) or the vehicular transfers (~5:10).