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Urban Freeride Fabio Wibmer

Well, Fabio Wibmer is very, very fast on his bicycle. Just about the first trick in here is Fabio successfully jumping the Lyon 25 Stair we learned about earlier this week. And, uh, he does something we didn’t see in that other video because if you make it to the end of the video, you’ll see he starts from the set of stairs going down to the Lyon 25 instead of starting on the flat like everyone else. Sheesh.

I also like how he takes the corner/curb at :50 and the stairs at 3:20 and the stairs at 5:15. Sheesh.

Discussion  3 comments


This was exhilarating and crazily stressful. Made me wanna go back and revisit the city where I was raised (there's also a bit of Paris in it).

Daniel Knapp

this was terrifying to watch

Dirk Bergstrom

I ride mountain bikes on the regular and stuff like this mystifies me. Riding down a hiking trail at 15 mph with both wheels on the dirt is terrifying, and guys like Fabio are going 3X the speed and spending half their time in the air (you can't steer or brake when you're flying).

I'm sure that a non-trivial part of the difference is that he's half my age, and probably started riding MTB when he was a toddler, whereas I didn't start until I was 50 and painfully conscious of mortality.

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