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Papyrus 2: A Bold New Look for Avatar

Ryan Gosling was on Saturday Night Live this weekend and they did a sequel to one of my favorite SNL sketches (which is completely dorky in a design nerd sort of way) ever: Papyrus. Behold, Papyrus 2:

Avatar spawned worlds, right? Every little leaf of every little flower, every little eyelash of every little creature: thoroughly thought out. But the logo: it’s Papyrus, in bold. Nobody cares. Does James Cameron care? I don’t think so.

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Robert Winchester

I think this got cut from the live show. Too bad; it's great!

Andy Baio

Fun fact: There's no bold version of Papyrus! The Ringer wrote the definitive history of Papyrus, the Avatar logo, and the SNL sketch that it inspired.

In it, writer Jake Kring-Schreifels explains how Peter Stougaard, the former senior VP of creative advertising who made the original Avatar logo, tweaked the original typeface to thicken the letters for the poster because no bold version existed. The new version isn't Papyrus at all, but a custom typeface called Toruk.

Tim Brown

๐Ÿ‘ Check out John Roshellโ€™s other stuff too! ๐Ÿ„ Swell Type, plus a bunch of great comic book fonts.

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Wayne Bremser

wow, really felt the dentist scene

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