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Cool Art: Naja Tepe’s Pottery


In the spirit of recommending things I truly love, I wanted to highlight the pottery of Northern California artist Naja Tepe. I’ve ordered from her twice now, and her work is fabulous. I love her strawberry-themed items, but the crescent moon on the plate in her most recent Instagram post (upper right in the composite above) made me want to have everything it appears on, too. Great for gifts. I don’t think my mom reads this site, so I will therefore reveal that I got her a Naja Tepe item for her birthday this year.

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Jo Ma

Can we give your mom a nudge to read You frequently share comics that include her grandchild, should be an easy sell.

Edith ZimmermanMOD

lol true

Reply in this thread


i just got overwhelmed trying to decide what i wanted to buy and then remembered my bank account is currently at like 10 dollars so that’s a relief… but as the saying goes….ill be back (in the etsy shop to purchase beautiful ceramics)

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