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Membership Pricing

Oh no, a dreaded dose of site news — but I’ll make this quick. One of the changes I quietly made to the site with the recent redesign is enabling members to set their own price on memberships. It’s been 7 and a half years since the membership program launched, and I’ve thought about raising prices over the years just to keep pace with inflation, but it never seemed like the right way to go.

So I’ve put that capability in your hands. Now you can voluntarily raise prices if you’d like — here’s how it works. The price of each membership tier is now a base price that can be added on to (e.g. for the Patron tier, $30 is the minimum but you can increase that to $35 or even $130 if you’d like). For current members, your chosen new price will go into effect on your next renewal date.

If that’s something you’d be interested in doing and are currently a member, you can go to the subscriptions view and click on “change price”. The whole thing takes about 15 seconds (perhaps a bit longer if you need to log in). For new members, you can simply choose the price you want when you enter your payment information during the signup process.

Ok, that wasn’t too bad. Now back to our regularly scheduled links from the internet. 💞

Discussion  13 comments

Jolin Masson

With pleasure, when it’s asked that nicely!

Richard Martin

Wow, 7 years already!! That’s…a lot of unpaid inflation. Definitely happy to update my sub accordingly.

Rex Sorgatz

How much is the Dinner With Kottke At Fedora package?

Jason KottkeMOD

Astronomically expensive, since I'd have to build a time machine to go back to 4 years ago when Fedora was still open. 😭😭😭

Rex Sorgatz

Ahhhh man, that's depressing. Surely you have a new favorite joint where everyone saluts when you walk in?

Jason KottkeMOD

Sadly no. My kids don't even look up when I walk into my own house.

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Kelsey P.

How cute and site-referential are those pink hearts? Happy to boost my contribution!

Pete Ashton

How very civilised, sir. I will modify mine as my capacity allows (all a bit fluctuating at the moment).

Hugh Hollowell

Bet. Easily the best deal on the web. Thanks for sharing it all with us all these years.

Steven Crozier

A steal at $30/year, a bargain at $50 per. I upped mine to bargain pricing. Thanks for everything you do, Mr. K. May your coffers overflow.

Yen Ha

I think I have to start keeping track of all the subscriptions to all the creators I love so I can view it as an annual media cost, folding it into my newspaper subscriptions and streaming costs.

Eric Murray

Happy to increase my contribution for my favorite website.

Mathew Wilson

I'm signed in (and out and in again) but I can't see the “change price” option. Is there a better way to log / register a ticket with you?

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