Monaspace is a mix-n-match “superfamily” of monospaced fonts designed by Github for coding.
via waxy.org

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Chris Coyier

You can flip 'em on in CodePen's Editor Settings if anyone wants to give them a spin that way. The mix-and-match is the coolest feature I think, which would be hard to pull off without them being designed very particularly that way. You can see it just a smidge on CodePen: you can pick which one you want to use, but comments are always set in Radon.

Tim Danner

I've been playing with these. I think the "texture healing" feature is pretty clever. It's subtle improvement in the readability of monospace text that reduces distortion on the widest and narrowest letters without compromising the grid. Worth reading about for type nerds even if you aren't looking for a new code font.

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