Last Call for Kottke Hypertext Tees

posted by Jason Kottke Feb 21, 2023

two kottke.org shirts, one black and one white, with a bright multi-colored 'hypertext' printed on them

Hey everyone — at the end of the day tomorrow (Feb 22), I'm going to shut off ordering for these stylish Kottke.org Hypertext Tees, so if you want one and haven't ordered one yet, now's your chance. Here's what I wrote about the shirts earlier this month:

For much of the nearly 25-year lifespan of kottke.org, the site's tagline has been "home of fine hypertext products". I always liked that it felt olde timey and futuristic at the same time, although hypertext itself has become antiquated — no one talks of hypertextual media anymore even though we're all soaking in it.

And so but anyway, I thought it would fun to turn that tagline into a t-shirt, so I partnered with the good folks at Cotton Bureau to make a fine "hypertext" product that you can actually buy and wear around and eventually it'll wear out and then you can use it to wash your car. If you want to support the site and look good doing it, you can order a Kottke.org Hypertext Tee right now.

A huge thank you to everyone who has ordered a shirt so far! They have proven remarkably popular — I've sold more than twice as many as my top-end estimate and way more than I sold the last time around.1 A few of you have tagged me on social media with shots of your shirts...keep 'em coming!

P.S. If you want a shirt but your budget doesn't allow for it right now, I have a small number of discount codes for free shirts (the discount covers shipping too, I think). Let me know and I'll hook you up, no questions asked (while supplies last). Free codes are all spoken for, sorry!

  1. I mentioned the surprisingly strong sales to my 13-year-old daughter the other day and after thinking about it for a bit, she said, "Well, plain t-shirts with a simple word or logo on them are pretty popular right now, so I think you've tapped into that trend." So....??!