Fantastic Mr. Fox

posted by Jason Kottke   Nov 15, 2009

In stop motion animation, Wes Anderson has found the perfect medium for telling his special brand of precise yet fanciful tales. I won?t go so far as to say that it?s his best film ? Rushmore will be difficult to dislodge from its perch ? but there are some pretty special moments in Fantastic Mr. Fox.

While the film deviates from Roald Dahl?s book quite a bit ? only the middle third is straight from the book ? the story holds true to the sense of playful mischieviousness evident in Dahl?s books for children. (I especially liked the drugged blueberry bit that Anderson purloined from Danny, the Champion of the World, my favorite Dahl story.) I can?t say for sure whether or not the movie is good for kids, but the two nine-year-old boys sitting next to me in the theater loved it?although they also loved the Tooth Fairy and the Alvin and the Chimpmunks: the Squeakquel trailers, so YMMV.