Liveblogging the Lost season five premiere

posted by Jason Kottke Jan 21, 2009

After catching up with seasons 1-4 of the series over the past few months, this is the first episode of Lost that I will be seeing live. Exciting! To commemorate, I'll be liveblogging the first episode of season five, set to begin here in about 10 minutes. Don't worry, spoilers will be minimal. Check back frequently for updates.

11:55 pm Ah, there we go. Just under an hour.

11:06 pm Come on Wikipedia...it's six minutes after the show ended and you haven't updated the pages for the new episodes yet.

10:56 pm Yes, by all means, don't show her face. Christ.

10:55 pm Wait, was that the Tardis?

10:54 pm Hurley can always eat.

10:53 pm Sayid is a vampire. Didn't see that one coming. Cheap attempt to capitalize on Twilight, True Blood, and Let the Right One In vampire maina.

10:50 pm "You've got more issues that Life magazine." TV is so bad.

10:47 pm I made a mistake earlier. Locke is not a Cylon, he's a replicant.

10:44 pm Well, Hurley, when you put it like that, it all just seems really absurd.

10:43 pm "If the news thinks you've done something, then everyone does."

10:40 pm Dharma, Dharma, Dharma, Dharma, Dharma, Dharma, Dharma.

10:32 pm Ooh, Time Elves! They were riding the Smoke Monster!

10:28 pm I was just thinking...someone needs to kill Neil. Then someone did! And that fire to fire thing just after the water to water transition? Nice. Now do earth and wind.

10:23 pm Wait, was that Lt. Daniels?

10:22 pm Get your own I Love My Shih Tzu t-shirt. It *is* all about shirts. (Here's another one!)

10:15 pm Caviar sandwich!

10:13 pm Hurley is in the background of every shot. Spot him if you can.

10:10 pm Water to water cut scene? Brilliance reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey. And now it's Weekend At Sayid's!

10:08 pm Wait, who the hell is Neil?! (No, seriously.)

10:06 pm Intense shampoo? Fuck you.

10:02 pm Boooo! Not her. Boo. No more advice from dead people.

10:00 pm I'm really tired of these initial shots of headless people. Pan up, for God's sake.

9:58 pm SFJ: "9:54 PM: This is impossible to spoil. We are going in circles." You got that right. (For those of you unfamiliar with TV lingo, that's called a crossover, folks.)

9:50 pm She's dead, right?

9:49 pm Why is Sawyer so angry all the time?

9:45 pm Weird Capital One commercial totally rips off Nintendo. Lawsuit.

9:44 pm I liked this series the first time I saw it...when it was called Star Trek: The Next Generation.

9:43 pm Oh right, it's not supposed to make sense. Look, there's someone who we know is dead! (Or do we? (Yes, we do. (Or do we? (Etc.))))

9:42 pm How does he still have the compass? Why doesn't he just give Richard a big hug and drag him along?

9:40 pm Compasses point north.

9:38 pm Tune in next week for "Name! That! Time!" (I can name that time in 2 scenes, Bob.)

9:31 pm Watch out for the knives!!! Oops, too late.

9:26 pm God, I hope this means we get to see Nikki and Paolo again!

9:24 pm Wait, I have to do this for *two hours*?

9:21 pm SFJ is also liveblogging. He says, "IT IS ON."

9:19 pm Locke is a Cylon.

9:12 pm First commercial is 12 minutes in (Frost/Nixon trailer). Only 12 minutes? Also, I love the Lost titles...short and to the point.

9:09 pm "I guess we'll never know." You got that right, pal. You never even explained about the polar bear!

9:07 pm Jack and Ben in a hotel room together? Is Lost doing its own slash fiction now?

8:53 pm This clip show is a bummer. The show's producers are way too conscious of how the audience perceives the show.