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Diary Comics, July 1

Hello, Edith here! I usually post from six months ago, but I can’t resist sharing something from the other day.

altamont enterprise copy1.jpg

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Jason KottkeMOD

That is such a great photo/memory of the two (or four) of you!


What an amazing picture! And as a mother, what a luxury to have someone competently take a picture of you and your children (and mom!)

Louise Hornor

Fastest female!! Bestest mother!! Go, Edith, go!!

Caroline G.

Love this so much! I hope you get it framed ASAP.

Lauren Ouellette

Congratulations!!! Amazing achievement and such a sweet picture. (And you're even levitating, haha!)

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Thanks, y’all!! 😊


@Edith, the photographer's name is published with the feature. Why not contact the paper/the photographer and get a print of the photo? It's probably cropped, so I'll bet there's more to it. :-)

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Great idea!!

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CW Moss

This is so sweet!

James Risley

what a great metaphor for parenting: pushing yourself to the limit, for reasons you alone really understand and seem insane to uninformed outsiders; but when those kids are around, the joy and excitement shine through impossibly bright.

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