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Here’s what the web looked like in 1994, including the likes of Yahoo!, GNN, Pathfinder, IBM, The Amazing FishCam, and Pizza Hut.

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Matt G

I was 10 and utterly fascinated.

Robb Monn

I was 21 and I liked text/CLI a lot more than the web. I still might.

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Lisa S.

I remember *making* sites like that. :) I'd just graduated from undergrad and was working for a university, publicizing events, and had to learn to write both web pages and Gopher pages. I had to go over to another office to program on a Sun workstation. Oh man...I'd forgotten all that until now!

But -- saw a link to Le WebLouvre in one of the images. I loved that site! It was the best thing about the web for me then.

Siddharta Reddy

I was utterly mesmerized by the web back then. There was so much opportunity to discover ideas, novelty and useful information. The lack of commercialization made the whole experience academic and community-centric (whatever “community” meant to you). While it is nice to be able to access the web from your bank account across the globe and order items for next day delivery in a mostly secure transaction, I have a fondness for the quirky, inchoate web.

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