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The Verge: the 13 biggest announcements from Apple’s developer conference, including their AI plans and new OS features.

Discussion  2 comments

mattrad Edited

There seem to be 3 levels of AI processing:
1) On device
2) Extending to Apple’s AI servers
3) Extending to 3rd-party AI servers, starting with ChatGPT

I wonder how much, if anything we’ll be able to disable? Maybe I don’t want to obliquely support the AI energy black hole, or the aspirations of Sam Altman and the saviour tech bros.

I would like Siri not to suck anymore though.

Pete Ashton Edited

The only thing in there that I might actually use is photo search. My two decades of tens of thousands of photos are effectively a black box to me and I'd welcome some automated indexing even though it will doubtless continue to miscategorise my rabbits.

The rest is just busywork solving problems that don't need to exist (just turn off notifications already) or just freakishly ugly. I look forward to digging deep in the settings to turn off all this investor-bait shite.

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