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Out Sick Today

sign that says 'it's been 0 days since I've taken a sick day'

Hey folks. I’ve been battling a wicked sore throat since Saturday; it keeps knocking me down and I keep getting back up but this morning it hissed STAY DOWN and I’m just going to listen to it. Hopefully I will be back with you tomorrow, but for now, I’m going to find some soup, read my book, watch the Spurs/Man City match, and not ride my bike, which is the thing I most want to do today. *sigh*

See you tomorrow, I hope!

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I like the chumbawamba reference.

Brady J. Frey Edited

Hope you feel better soon!

Timothy C Truxell

Hope you feel better soon! (And it really pains this Arsenal supporter to say this, but Go Sp*rs!)


Be well!

CW Moss

For a little bit of joy, I figured I'd share a fun review of the Titanic lego set by one of my favorite reviewers, Tiago Catarino.

Hope you feel better soon, Jason πŸ’«

Reb Butler

Hope you are better soon!

Sara Hatch

You’re a Spurs fan too? Damn, new level of respect for you!

Jason KottkeMOD

Less of a Spurs fan than a "anyone but Man City to win the PL title" fan. I thought Spurs played well today but just had a couple of poor moments. I thought for sure Son was gonna slot home that breakaway...

Sara Hatch

Ahhhhh, yes the ever popular NEVER CITY position. Totally understood. I love Spurs so much and they consistently shock me and break my heart.

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Andy R Bobyarchick

Me too! Feel better. Sore throat, stuffy nose. Not COVID!



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