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An Update on the Beloved Broccoli Tree

photo of a tree that resembles a broccoli floret

Do you remember the Broccoli Tree? Photographer Patrik Svedberg photographed a Swedish tree that resembled a broccoli floret over a number of years, posted the results to Instagram, and made the tree internet famous. Then some asshole vandal sawed through the branches of the tree and it had to be chopped down. John Green eulogized the Broccoli Tree in a video:

To share something is to risk losing it, especially in a world where sharing occurs at tremendous scale and where everyone seems to want to be noticed, even if only for cutting down a beloved tree.

Well, the stump of the tree was left in the hopes that it would grow again and I’m pleased to say that it has โ€” here’s a photo from three years ago:

photo of a group of people gathered in front of a tree that looks like a bush

You can even see it on Google Maps. I’m glad the tree is growing again but wish the destruction hadn’t happened in the first place.

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