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The Metaphysically Science-ish Drawings of Daniel Martin Diaz

art by Daniel Martin Diaz

art by Daniel Martin Diaz

art by Daniel Martin Diaz

I have to admit that the illustration style of Daniel Martin Diaz is not completely my cup of tea, but I do like a few of his pieces (like those pictured above). They have an infographic quality that’s quite compelling โ€” and also remind me a bit of Chris Ware, by way of Hilma af Klint and, uh, Edward Gorey maybe?

Anyway, lot of prints of his work are available and you can check out his latest stuff on Instagram.

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Jason KottkeMOD


In general they fall into a category called "esoteric art," meaning they are dense with information intended to be understood only by a few. Worth googling.

It is worth googling.

CW Moss

I just read about the work of Melvin Way when he passed, and it feels connected in some way:

Andrew Cafourek

This also reminds me of the science-y infographic-y work of Fritz Kahn:

Broccoli of Doom

Thanks for sharing, I'm going to have a pick up a copy of this for the coffee table!

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Mary Wallace

I worked for an engineering firm as drawings were shifting from pen to CAD. This reminds me of the hand-rendered schematics, which I think are under appreciated. They aren't quite art, but they can be quite artistic.

Broccoli of Doom

This reminds me a bit of the types of figures that generative AI has been cranking out. Visually interesting / complex but otherwise complete gibberish. That said, I enjoy the aesthetic.

Phil Wells

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