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Diary Comics, Nov. 30-Dec.2

It’s another Thursday Afternoon With Edith, this time with a ton of journal comics because I feel emboldened by the new “show full post” option (thanks, Jason!), so I can hide things and not clutter up the homepage. These comics pick up from when I was guest-editing this site back in the fall.

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Mason Wenker

I like Edith’s “slice of life” updates! You are so honest with yourself it is refreshing to read. I like your overall addition to this site, your eye for what is top of your mind is new and interesting. It is a nice complement to Jason’s ongoing stream of consciousness.

Bill Amstutz

I agree 100%. I loved Edith's newsletter back in the day. It's great to have her contributing here.

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Paul Josey

Your hand out of the grave image is perfect, especially after the all consuming first few years of parenting. Your voice plus these comments makes for a great and more balanced community feel.

Caroline G.

The progression of those last three panels is perfection.

Sean Loiselle

I think a little +1/heart reaction to comments would be nice because I just wanted to echo what Mason Wenker said. So great. So earnest. Thank you for being so candid––makes me feel a little more sane myself.

brian c.


Samantha Bloom

Yes, I really appreciated the candor as well. I read this earlier today and came back tonight to say so specifically. Sometimes I fear I am the only one who thinks about myself and my work this way…

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Jasper Nighthawk

Love these. I got into making little "today" comic diaries during your run guest hosting, and this makes me want to resume. (But they were so time consuming! With an 18-month-old running around and a job and other projects, it's hard to find time...)

Elsa Gonsiorowski

OMG I love these. I have a 3 year old and these so perfectly capture the … everything about it. Picture day pictures are so one point.

Eric Goff

This is so delightful.

Louise Hornor

Another voice adding to the chorus: I really love your diary comics, especially the organic sketchiness of them.

Jason KottkeMOD

In case others are wondering about the source of "She has set her ego aside in exchange for something bigger and better".


I'm so, so happy you're back, Edith! ❤️

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