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Diary Comics, Nov. 18-23

Welcome to Thursday Afternoons With Edith™! This is when Jason leaves the blog to me while he works on longer-term projects for the site. I’m thinking I’ll share some of my day-in-the-life comics here at these times, unless/until it starts to seem like a bad idea. I shared some back in November when I was guest-editing, and I’m basically picking up where those left off. I still wish I could hide most of them behind a “read more” button, though!


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Caroline G.

Yay! I love your diary comics and am glad that we will get to see more of them. Reading your comics in December really changed my perspective on what a diary can/should be. I have a shelf of old journals full of perseveration and self-analysis, but I have mostly abandoned the habit in adulthood...because that kind of writing gets exhausting. The idea of focusing on just a few moments in a day without too much commentary feels liberating!

Edith ZimmermanMOD

Thanks, Caroline! And I hadn’t seen it from that angle, but I really like the way you put it — focusing on a few moments. Yes, totally.

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georgia is a fashion & cold weather innovator .... also love "deep in her story" ... gonna steal that one xx

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