I made this white bolognese over the weekend and it was so delicious. Subbed in fettuccine for the rigatoni, added more vegetables, put in some white miso paste for extra umami & depth, and finished on the plate with some truffle butter. YUM.

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Les B

Miso yes! My favourite secret addition

Potential additions
- sub out heavy cream for ricotta (or cottage cheese blitzed in a blender
- sub in toasted pine nuts extra black pepper and fennel seeds to amplify the sausage while omitting beef (means extra sausage)

Use cassarecce rather than rigatoni

Jason KottkeMOD

I saw casarecce at the store and thought about it, but we're a pretty solid fettuccine w/ bolognese family, so I went with that.

Re: the ricotta, that would be a great addition if you used this recipe to make a white bolognese lasagna. Mmm...

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