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The Ferris Bueller Finale With Music From Inception

One of the many reasons that Ferris Bueller’s Day Off works so well as a film is that the music kicks ass *and* it meshes so well with the action. In the heyday of MTV, this was no accident — parts of the movie function almost as elaborate music videos. No scene illustrates this more than when Ferris is hurrying across backyards and through homes to beat his parents & sister back to the house. As good as that scene is, I think Todd Vaziri improved it by re-cutting it to music from Inception. So good!

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Rick S
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Speaking of the heyday of MTV:

As a dad, I have introduced my kids to the music/movies/tv/books/comics of my childhood. It’s fun to revisit them after so many years; it’s interesting to see what my kids engage with and what they don’t; it’s insightful to see them all through my kids’ perspectives.

Yet despite the fact that I invested *years* of my youth religiously watching MTV (and VH1, when needed), I have never shared a single video with them. [1] They straddle the preteen/teen years, and I suspect the very concept of a music video is wholly unfamiliar to them.

Is it worth sharing decades-old videos with my kids, or is it best to allow this 20-year artform to respectfully die a quiet death?

What even lands in the Canon of Music Videos?
Great bands and music didn’t always translate to great videos.
There were, of course, Video Music Awards- do I use those in the same way I might find a Best Picture winner when I’m in the mood for an old movie?

I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this.

Rick S

[1] This is a lie- I definitely have shown them every OK Go video, simply as an appreciation of engineering marvel, like I imagine my Dad driving us to the Hoover Dam.

Matt G

Music videos are very much alive and well. There just isn’t a single stream any more. My daughter’s YouTube experience is pretty limited right now, but they’ve talked about videos they’ve seen of new songs that they are into.

Robb Monn

This thread does a pretty good job. My kids and I watch music videos for a few minutes before and after we watch a movie. Currently these are playlists in apple music as we avoid youtube.

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Jason Shure
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In my submission for "most orthognal comment of the year", the LA Dodgers just made a trade and now have players with the last names Ferris and Beuhler.

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