Rewriting the NY Times Obit section

posted by Chrysanthe Tenentes Mar 08, 2018

The paper of record somehow failed to note the passing of Diane Arbus, Nella Larsen, Sylvia Plath, and twelve other equally influential women over their 167 years of publication. They updated this for International Women's Day in their series Overlooked.


The whole package is worth a read, but I love the story of Mary Ewing Outerbridge who (probably) brought tennis to the US.

Outerbridge explained that the items were for a game called Sphairistiké, which is Greek for "playing at ball." She had seen British Army officers engaged in a match during a vacation in Bermuda and was entranced by the graceful strokes and fluid motions. She told the agents she was taking the gear back home, to Staten Island, to teach her friends and family to play.

Also noteworthy: Jane Eyre author Charlotte Brontë.

While Brontë did not get an obituary in The New York Times, her husband, who died 51 years later, did. The article was just five lines long, and the headline said it all: "Charlotte Bronte's Husband Dead."