A calendar for fictional holidays

posted by Tim Carmody   Jun 16, 2016

I love James Joyce's Ulysses, spent a huge chunk of my life in grad school trying to figure out that book, still follow a ton of modernist scholars and Joyce freaks on social media, and even I managed to forget that today was Bloomsday, the anniversary of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold and Molly Bloom's treks across Dublin in that book.

I also love Star Trek: The Next Generation, probably even more than I do James Joyce, and I had no idea that today was also "Captain Picard's Day," when the children on the Enterprise honor him (and make him deeply uncomfortable) by presenting him with arts and crafts.

What I needed (for a peculiar definition of "need") was a calendar plugin, something to put the anniversary of Terminator 2's Judgment Day, The Simpsons' Whacking Day, and Roy Batty's inception date directly into my stream of doctor's appointments, scheduled phone calls, NBA games shown on broadcast basic cable, and Facebook friends' birthdays.

And that's exactly what the staff at Atlas Obscura made: a pop culture calendar of imaginary holidays. It doesn't solve real problems, unless those problems include properly commemorating The Purge. But it is pretty fun.