Ze Frank recaps The Show episodes, five years later

posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 25, 2011

Ze Frank is jotting down some notes for past episodes of The Show, the year-long daily video podcast he did five years ago.

this is the first time that I will be watching most of these episodes since they were posted. that's weird. i have that relationship with things i make. do you? this one feels like i was searching for format. the "supreme court calendar" was set up to be a recurring joke on how boring that segment would be... but ultimately i became fascinated with the things I was going to make fun of. Incidentally the .xxx top level domain debate is still raging although the arguments for and against have swapped sides.

This is all before I had made a commitment to what is now the ubiquitous video blog jump cut, but in this episode I'm trying to play around with moving into the camera physically at transition points with a sharp cut. there's something nice about having a physical action to hit at the beginning of a take - takes the pressure off of the words and brings energy into the frame right away. over time the cut became more important to me, and the style became less natural, more surgical (not a bad thing - but worth noting).

(via @waxypancake)