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The Noughtie List highlights, pt 3

It’s Jenni and I have some more favorites off The Noughtie List. I’m still accepting any “best of the 2000s” lists you happen to find, just email me. If you missed any past highlights, check out part 1 and part 2.

New York Magazine invited a select few to design covers for the 00’s issue. In the end, they chose one for the newsstand, one for subscribers and now have all the submissions online to view. The gallery includes photos showing the creative process of Todd St. John, who built a wooden sculpture of 00’s for the subscription cover.

Horror movies are generally not that great, but this list reminded me there are some worth having potential nightmares over. (Thanks Jon!) Anyone who hasn’t seen the number one movie, should definitely watch it. For those with Netflix, it’s available to stream instantly. If you’re looking for something more themed for this week’s festivities, AMC has a list of the best holiday movies.

Christian Annyas lists movie title stills of the 2000s in his very thorough collection. It made me realize how many movies still opt for the black screen with white type. Which in turn made me more curious about the art of the title sequence.