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Quick update on MIT professor Seymour Papert,

Quick update on MIT professor Seymour Papert, who was struck by a motorbike in Hanoi in Dec 2006. “Prof Papert’s family said that he had been discharged from the hospital in Boston in the US. He is now still undergoing treatment at home. Luckily enough, he will not have any after-effects after the head trauma and now he can speak.”

Update: Here’s a more accurate update on Dr. Papert’s progress, courtesy of his family: “Seymour continues to make steady progress. He is regaining strength, is becoming more physically active, and is regaining speech. On Friday, January 5, he was able to leave Massachusetts General Hospital for a rehabilitation center in Bangor, Maine, closer to his home. His doctors are expecting a long period of gradual improvement, which could take many months.” (thx, artemis)